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A creative idea of decaARCHITECTURE, PERISCOPE is conceptualized as a container of surveillance installations, both interactive mechanisms and works of art, which allow guests to experience and scan over the city of Athens in various ways. Re-designed to capture the new urban conditions that have prevailed globally, with the omnipresence of surveillance cameras and closed circuit systems, PERISCOPE plays on the theme of “periscopic” observation. The architects coordinated a team of artists, industrial designers, programmers, 3D animators, graphic designers and audiovisual experts to produce 13 site specific installations, which vary in scale and medium and multiply guests’ ‘eyes’ and ‘vision’. Foremost is the custom-made periscope which captures a spectacular 360 degree view from the hotel’s top floor, relaying the images back to the ground floor bar and projecting them on two screens. Guests control the camera’s movement and hence the panoramic view from above through a specially designed joystick. PAN-TILT-ZOOM and see Athens for yourself.
decaARCHITECTURE Nikos Daniilidis