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Playful and vibrant, Semiramis is really a showcase for Karim Rashid’s fluid style and Dakis Joannou’s provocative contemporary art collection. Enter through the glowing pink glass cube into the lobby, where a bi-annual rotating exhibition of fine art astounds for its museum quality. Vibrant colors of acid pink, lime green, and lemon are creatively mingled against the white background, with a huge, flashing YE$ by internationally renowned artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster instantly creating an exuberant atmosphere. As if forming a wave of joie de vivre, Karim’s trademark wavelength sofas resemble, in their black and white version, pouting lips. Candy-colored armchairs sit prettily on the custom-made carpets, the glossy plastic tables adding extra pizzazz. Throughout, Karim’s trademark curvy shapes take hold, unifying the hotel’s interiors, and energizing its public spaces.
Karim Rashid