Bar & Dining
  • Breakfast is served daily between 07h00am and 10h30am

Situated on the ground floor of TWENTYONE with a separate entrance, 21 is a bar-restaurant that has become quite a hit with the hip crowd while still tapping to the sophisticated gourmets. The menu sets the mood for international cuisine, touched with a flavor of Italian and Greek. Delicious cocktails served at the bar make a big splash.
Following the hotel’s design approach, the décor is minimal and stylish, with white, red, and grey colours dominating. Inox details, leather chairs and wooden table tops and floors combine to balance 21’s cool factor with a warm ambience. Guests can enjoy breakfast and dinner, indoors or outdoors in the summer months. The outdoor feels like a public piazza, friendly and open. This certainly adds to 21’s popularity and hipness. The bar emerges from an opening at the front façade and can be accessed both from the interior and exterior.

Reservation in advance is highly-recommended

Tel: 210 8088822