Grand Food Tour
This three-hour tasting tour works like a time capsule filled with Athens’ history, architecture, culture and food. As you move through Athens you will taste a wide variety of treats including: authentic Greek Yogurt, freshly ground coffee, tangerine scented marzipan, plump & freshly olives, savory pies, artisan cheeses and charcuteries. Finally you will enjoy a sit down meal at a favorite neighborhood fish tavern. Our exclusive neighborhood guide will provide you with recommendations for great restaurants, shops & cultural venues with map detailing how to return to all the delicious restaurants and shops on the tour).We also can provide food substitutions for vegetarians.

CANNOT provide food substitutions for any other food allergies (such as gluten-free or dairy-free).
Price includes all food consumed, restaurant taxes and gratuities.
Price does NOT include alcoholic beverages.
Duration: 3 hours
For more information about rates & reservations, please contact our concierge or email us at

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