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Artistic Alleys: Exploring Athens’ Distinct Art Galleries!

Artistic Alleys: Exploring Athens’ Distinct Art Galleries!

Athens is the cultural capital of Greece, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is a haven for art lovers. Seamlessly combining ancient treasures with contemporary gems, it offers a vibrant art scene filled with talented artists and captivating artworks!

In this article, we’re going to embark on a culture-infused tour through the best art galleries in Athens, where you can explore a whole new world of art, creativity, and innovation. Let’s begin!

  1. Allouche Benias Gallery
  2. Zoumboulakis Gallery
  3. The Breeder Gallery
  4. Rebecca Camhi Gallery
  5. National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST)
  6. Gagosian Gallery
  7. Eleni Koroneou Gallery


1.  Allouche Benias Gallery

Allouche Benias Gallery in Athens, the Greek counterpart of Allouche Gallery in New York, is a haven for art enthusiasts, as it gives them the chance to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and artistic innovation. Located in the heart of Kolonaki, one of the most charming neighborhoods in Athens, this gallery features artworks that include sculptures, paintings, multimedia art, and unique installations with pop-art and street art influences that embrace the ever-changing nature of contemporary art.

Impressive artworks are not the only reason you should visit Allouche Benias Gallery, though. The stunning neoclassical building that houses the gallery, designed by the renowned architect Ernst Ziller, is also worth visiting, especially if you are staying in a hotel in Kolonaki!

Address: Kanari 1, Athens

2.  Zoumboulakis Gallery

Zoumboulakis Gallery is one of the most distinctive art galleries in Athens! Located in the upscale Kolonaki neighborhood in the heart of Athens city center, this gallery is best known for its stunning contemporary art collection, which includes impressive artworks from all over the world. Its history goes back to 1966 when its main space in Kolonaki opened to host works of the most prominent Greek artists, including Tsarouchis, Moralis, and Tetsis.

Soon, Zoumboulakis Gallery began to display artworks by international artists like De Chirico, Μatta, Lallannes, and Man Ray, becoming more and more popular. Today, it features an impressive selection of both Greek and international artists, as well as a must-visit design and antiques shop!

Address: Kriezotou 6, Athens

3.  The Breeder Gallery

The Breeder Gallery is another contemporary art gallery known for its groundbreaking exhibits that challenge conventions and redefine the notion of contemporary art. Founded in 2008, this art gallery is located in the hip Metaxourgeio neighborhood, an area known for its alternative cultural spirit.

It represents a wide variety of contemporary Greek and international artists, hosting innovative exhibitions that focus on contemporary visual arts, including sculptures, video installations, and abstract paintings. Among the artists hosted by the Breeder Gallery is Olga Migliaressi-Phoca, whose work can also be found in the permanent art collection of the New Hotel!

Address: Iasonos 45, Athens

4.  Rebecca Camhi Gallery

Founded in 1995, Rebecca Camhi Gallery is one of the most prominent contemporary art galleries in Athens city center. It is housed in an impressive neoclassical building in the ultra-chic Kolonaki district, a cultural hub for artists and art lovers alike! Rebecca Camhi Gallery features artworks by Greek and international artists, showcasing a diverse range of mediums, including installations, sculptures, new media, paintings, and photos.

Through its exhibitions and representation of international contemporary artists in Greece and Greek contemporary artists abroad, Rebecca Camhi Gallery actively promotes and contributes to the contemporary art scene. The gallery’s building also serves as a venue for events, workshops, book presentations, and more!

 Address: Leonidou 9, Athens

5.  National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST)

The National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) hosts one of the largest contemporary art collections in Greece, showcasing the work of numerous Greek and international artists. Housed in a 6-floor former beer brewery on Syngrou Avenue, this museum boasts a strategic location, as well as panoramic views.

EMST focuses on showcasing the works of numerous Greek and international artists, with an emphasis on the 21st-century art scene, so expect to encounter innovative installations, social-cultural artworks, conceptual pieces, and video art. The museum also offers workshops and educational programs that aim to promote contemporary art and provide a space for artistic experimentation!

Address: Kallirois Avenue and Fratzi, Athens

6.  Gagosian Gallery

Gagosian Gallery holds a prominent position in the contemporary Athenian art scene, with a global reputation. Founded by renowned gallerist Larry Gagosian in Los Angeles in 1980, Gagosian is part of an art network of galleries located in several cities around the world, including Paris, Hong Kong, London, and New York.

Gagosian Gallery in Athens is situated in a modernist mansion in Kolonaki, featuring a wide variety of contemporary artworks by both established and up-and-coming international artists, like photos, sculptures, paintings, and innovative multimedia installations!

Address: Anapiron Polemou Street 22, Athens

7.  Eleni Koroneou Gallery

The Eleni Koroneou Gallery was founded in 1989, aiming to bring artworks of European and American artists to Greek art lovers. In 2009, the founder Eleni Koroneou with her daughter Alexandra Oikonomou opened a new art space in a beautiful neoclassical building in Thissio.

This new contemporary art hub features contemporary paintings, installations, sculptures, and photographs by hand-picked international and emerging Greek artists that challenge conventions, being a breath of fresh air to the contemporary art scene. Beyond hosting contemporary art exhibitions, the Eleni Koroneou Gallery also plays a central role in the local artistic community, through several events and educational programs!

Address: Dimofontos 30 and Thorikion 7, Athens

The contemporary art scene in Athens is vibrant and diverse, featuring a wide variety of art galleries that redefine the notion of creativity, connecting international and local artists with art enthusiasts. So, whether you are a passionate art lover or you just want to see what Athens’ art scene has to offer, visiting the art galleries of Athens is a must-do!

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