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Day trips from Santorini: Postcard-Perfect Aegean Gems to Explore

Day Trips From Santorini: Postcard-Perfect Aegean Gems To Explore

Are you planning to visit Santorini but contemplating adding other Aegean islands to your itinerary? Day trips from Santorini to other islands will make your trip even more memorable!

Besides, why visit just one destination when you can see more, immersing yourself in the otherworldly beauty of the Aegean?

So if you want to embark on magical day trips to other islands from Santorini, keep reading. We’re about to share the best day trips from Santorini for every taste!

  1. Mykonos
  2. Naxos
  3. Milos
  4. Ios
  5. Paros
  6. Folegandros

1.  Mykonos

Day trips from Santorini to Mykonos are wildly popular, and you bet there are many reasons why! One of the most glamorous and fun Greek islands, Mykonos has this unique allure that never fails to enchant international travelers who love luxury and cosmopolitan flair.

From the romantic Little Venice district and the postcard-perfect windmills to the designer boutiques and the legendary parties, Mykonos has a lot to offer.

Combining a vacation in Santorini with a visit to Mykonos is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the luxurious side of the Aegean. So, book a luxury hotel in Santorini and embark on a day trip to this Cycladic gem to discover its wonders!

Many hotels offer tours and day trips from Santorini to nearby islands, so ensure you check if your hotel has such a service before booking.

2.  Naxos

An entrancing Aegean island, Naxos is one of the best destinations for day trips from Santorini! Naxos may be very different from Santorini, but that difference makes those two destinations an irresistible duo made in heaven.

While Santorini boasts a breathtaking volcanic landscape, Naxos, which bursts with greenery, stands out among most Cycladic islands’ rugged landscapes.

But this isn’t the only reason why Naxos is considered a top destination! Its exotic beaches, perfect for swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean and for water sports, attract numerous international travelers every year.

And if you are a foodie, don’t leave the island without trying its drool-worthy local delicacies, including graviera and arseniko cheeses, potatoes, and traditional rooster chasseur. They are finger-licking good!

3.  Milos

If you’re searching for an ultra-romantic destination for a day trip from Santorini, Milos is arguably an island you must consider. Brimming with paradisiacal beaches, natural beauty, and archaeological sites, Milos will blow your mind!

Besides being great islands for couples, Milos and Santorini have another thing in common; they boast volcanic landscapes that give them a lunar charm.

One of the best spots to enjoy Milos’ lunar beauty is the super-photogenic Sarakiniko Beach. There, you will find enormous white rocks carved by the water and the wind over centuries; they form the most magical backdrop for photo shoots!

Apart from Sarakiniko Beach, other must-visit attractions in Milos are Embourios, the Catacombs, Plaka Beach, and Firopotamos!

4.  Ios

Ios is widely known for its legendary parties and vivid nightlife, attracting youngsters from all over the world who visit the island to party like there’s no tomorrow. But the truth is that Ios is so much more than a party destination; that’s why it is one of the best islands for day trips from Santorini!

Ios is a beautiful Cycladic island brimming with archaeological sites, paradisiacal beaches, and unique landscapes. Moreover, it has one of the most majestic sunsets in the Cyclades, making it a great island to combine with your vacation in Santorini; especially if you are on your honeymoon in Santorini!

As for the food, it is to die for! The traditional chickpea soup (revithada), the local cheeses, the thyme honey, and the tsimetia (zucchini flowers with rice and cheese) are some of the best delicacies to try.

5.  Paros

Paros is one of the most authentic islands of the Cyclades complex! Famous for its amazing beaches, which are often included in lists of the best beaches in Greece, Paros is the ultimate destination for sea lovers. Punda, Golden Beach, Monastiri, and Santa Maria are among the island’s top beaches, but there are many more to discover.

Moreover, Paros is famous among water sports enthusiasts thanks to its ideal wind conditions. So, if you love windsurfing or kitesurfing, you’ll find heaven on this island!

However, Paros has a lot more to offer than stunning beaches! Parikia and Naoussa, the island’s main settlements, offer a wide variety of taverns, restaurants, bars, and clubs, where you can dance the night away with travelers from all over the world.

And if you want to dig deeper into the island’s past, visit Panagia Ekatontapiliani church, the Frankish Castle in Parikia, the Folklore Museum, and the Venetian Castle in Naoussa!

1.  Folegandros

Are you searching for the best island day trips from Santorini but overcrowded islands aren’t your cup of tea? Then Folegandros may be the best option for you! Combining the mesmerizing authenticity of the Cyclades with a laid-back atmosphere, Folegandros never fails to seduce visitors!

The picturesque whitewashed villages, breathtaking views of the Aegean, and volcanic landscape are some characteristics Santorini and Folegandros have in common. However, they are two islands with entirely different vibes, Folegandros has a more laid-back atmosphere.

Chora, the capital of Folegandros, is arguably one of the island’s most magical spots! Perched on a clifftop, Chora offers unparalleled vistas of the vast Aegean Sea and the enthralling sunset, which you can savor from Folegandros Castle; it’s an ultra-romantic experience.

Once you have taken in the scenery, head to the island’s beaches, folklore museums, Aspropounda Lighthouse, and Chrissospilia Cave. They will mesmerize you!

Embarking on day trips from Santorini to other islands is one of the best ways to explore the Aegean and fill your vacation with unforgettable experiences. From stunning beaches and unique attractions to delectable food and otherworldly landscapes, the islands near Santorini have them all. So what destination will you choose for a day trip from Santorini?



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