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Wellness Spa in New Hotel

NEW Hotel welcomes you to balance your body and mind, to revive your spirit and free your senses. Get ready to experience a personal sense of re-NEW-al and firm your muscles at the fully equipped NEW Sense fitness room, open on a twenty-four-hour basis.

1 hour /90€ - 1 hour 30′/120€
Aromatic massage that relaxes, tones and detoxifies. Warm essential oils, steamed towels that relax, calm and rejuvenate. Select 1 of 2: either full body and head massage for 60’, or holistic full body combined with a facial treatment for 90’.
1 hour /90€
Choose from a range of massage therapy techniques including Swedish, deep tissue and sports or ask your therapist to customize your treatment with a stressbusting combination of any or all of these techniques to truly personalize the experience.
30′ /50€
Recharge with a thirty minutes specialized massage geared to release tension from the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders.
1 hour /90€
Tiger Striped Clams harvested from the South Pacific Islands that heat for up to an hour, providing extra relaxation during the massage. This treatment blends the therapeutic properties of heated sea shells with Swedish massage strokes to deeply penetrate tight muscles with heat and touch.
1 hour 15' /100€
Enjoy each other’s company in our private spa suite. Unwind in an aromatic Jacuzzi bath soak while your partner receives a 30min spa treatment of choice, Reviving Back, Neck, & Shoulders Massage, Moisture Boost, Mini Facial, Revitalizing Bright Eyes Treatment.
30 minutes /45€
A calming yet firm neck & scalp massage with reviving
pressure point therapy for the eyes. Will clear your mind,
vanish stress, anxiety, and ease headaches.
30 minutes /50€
A deep exfoliation treatment with plant extracts that refines
skin leaving it deeply hydrated with silky smooth texture.
1 hour 15′ /100€
Jet Lag Remedy is the perfect treatment to diminish the effects of jet lag. The treatment begins with an aromatic infused bath, followed by a firm back, neck and shoulder massage, which will relax tense and knotted tissue and will improve circulation. A refreshing facial follows to revitalize skin and restore its tone and vitality.
1 hour 30’ /120€ (express version 1 hour / 90€)
The ultimate face treatment that combines a deep cleanse and skin’s total rejuvenation. The results ensure a more luminous and balanced beautiful skin. Suitable for all skin types.
1 hour /80€
Skin cells gradually lose the energy they need. This has as a result the reduction of collagen and elastin as well as some discoloration. This anti-ageing treatment, with the help of Dermalogica’s fruit Acids will restore all the necessary functions of the skin. The result is a more luminous, visibly strong, younger-looking skin.
1 hour 15′ /90€
Rejuvenating, resurfacing facial that revives skin by multivitamins. The treatments include deep exfoliation hydroxyacids. For a fully energized skin by vitamins and trace elements that rediscovers its balance, suppleness and vitality. Ideal before and after sun exposure.
30 minutes /50€
Enjoy a refreshing mini facial that will leave your complexion
bright and hydrated. Includes cleanse and exfoliation,
followed by specialized eye massage and moisture mask.
1 hour /80€
A facial treatment designed to purify, restore hydration and elasticity and rejuvenate men’s skin. Followed by a facial and neck shoulder massage, this treatment provides all the effective solutions that meet men’s specific skin care needs.
Useful Info
Cleanse and hydrate your skin to attain a luminous look, get rid of jetlag with our special remedy and soothe your senses with a NEW Sense signature massage. Treat your man to a purifying facial or a couple’s spa treatment in a private spa suite and always feel Young, Energetic and Seductive with age smart solutions and eye-fix revitalizing treatments.
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