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Noūs Santorini

Refined and elegant, NOŪS masterfully balances contemporary design with the effortlessly minimalist style of the Aegean Sea. A cycladic-made, all-new and original version of luxury is the key element that shapes NOŪS. Innovative and modern, it redefines the Cycladic resort experience. Come, step into a world where contemporary art takes center stage, breathing new life into every moment of your stay.

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Design Hotels Athens, Greece | YES! Hotels
Design Hotels Athens, Greece | YES! Hotels
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NOŪS is all about originality. The resort showcases a rich tapestry of materials, styles, and textures that pay homage to the centuries-old traditions of Santorini. Drawing inspiration from the island’s iconic architecture, NOŪS takes a contemporary approach in embracing it.
"Inspired and shaped by Santorini, NOŪS is deeply rooted in the traditions of this unique island. An intimate haven of premium, personalized services for each guest.
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