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Exploring Santorini is an exciting adventure. Its clifftop villages overlook the glittering sea. Sunrises are inspiring, and sunsets are enchanting. The dramatic geology of the past meets the contemporary colors of a popular holiday destination. This balance of man and nature is captured in the serene setting of NOŪS Spa. Like a magnet it draws the best of its surrounding environment to create soul-soothing experiences.


5 treatment rooms including one couples’ treatment room with private outdoor jacuzzi

Korres Spa Treatments

All treatment rooms offer outdoor space

Indoor / outdoor pool

Steam bath

Cold tank


Open space showers

Fitness room with personal trainer

Yoga outdoor area

Vitamin Bar

Beauty area

Changing rooms

Relaxation area


Dedicated to the principles of ‘Ef Zin’ (Eυ Zην, the Greek principle of ‘well-being’), this destination radiates a holistic approach to self-care. Here you will absorb the benefits of spa treatments using superior natural products that offer the therapeutic qualities of gifts of the earth. Expert therapists will help you set you off on your personal journey. Feel the vibes of nature. Listen to your body and mind. Feed and nurture them with sound nutrition and positive thoughts. Return home with a new understanding of wellbeing… and of yourself.
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