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Immerse Yourselves

Observe the world from above or on a bike while uncovering one by one the beauties of Athens. Get your jog on in the national garden and enjoy total rejuvenation with yoga sessions at some of Athens’ most sought after locations.


Enjoy comfortable transfers to the airport and port and move around the buzzing Metropolis in style. You pick the place and we’ll take care of the rest.


Embark on a mind-blowing tour to the city of Athens and discover its historical and cultural treasures. Visit the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Acropolis museum, the most renowned monuments and temples, the national garden and picturesque neighbourhood of Monastiraki. Discover the city’s vibrant art scene and make your own souvenir out of clay, find your way to Socrates through the most exciting treasure hunt and embrace the Athenian spirit and way of living.


The center of Athens is filled with designer shops, fashion boutiques, local specialty shops, stores selling local products and souvenirs as well as antiques and artistic artefacts. Window shopping is a must even if you are not planning to buy anything in particular.


Discover the Greek gastronomy and local food culture as you walk the culinary streets of Athens, learn the secrets behind the Greek cuisine and wine culture through some of the most flavoursome cooking classes and wine seminars and savour the most eclectic brunch delights at New Hotel.


If seeking for urban wellness get ready to relax in a haven of uncluttered spaces in the heart of Kolonaki and embrace the feeling of order and tranquillity. For an extra touch of rejuvenation visit its sister property, New Hotel at Syntagma square and relax with soothing massages, spa rituals, couples’ therapies and power treatments that will elevate your senses to a higher level.


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