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The Best Places for Breakfast in Athens to Start Your Day Right!

The Best Places For Breakfast In Athens To Start Your Day Right!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so finding the perfect place to enjoy it is something you shouldn’t leave until the last minute -especially during your vacation! Whether you’re seeking a breakfast spot in Athens with panoramic city views or a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle, there’s a wide selection of restaurants and brunch spots to choose from. From hotel breakfast spots to excellent restaurants for brunch, we have gathered the best places for breakfast in Athens and present them to you. Let’s dig in!

1.  New Taste

Located on the New Hotel’s ground floor in the heart of Athens city center, New Taste is one of the best places to enjoy brunch or breakfast in Athens before you embark on a day trip close to the capital, a city exploration, or a shopping spree. This restaurant stands out for its delectable dishes prepared with the highest quality ingredients and its unique design, which marries modern with sophisticated, so having breakfast here is a truly unique experience! Breakfast at New Taste is served from 7.00 until 10.30 every day, while brunch from 12.00 to 17.00 on weekends from mid-October until mid-May.

Address: 16 Filellinon Street Athens 105 57

2.  Giasemi

Plaka, the most picturesque neighborhood in Athens city center, is one of the best places to start your day, especially if sightseeing is the next thing you want to do after fueling up! So, if you’re searching for the best spot for breakfast in Plaka, Giasemi is your best bet. Traditional, cute, and nostalgic, this local gem oozes retro charm in abundance and offers a variety of freshly made delicacies ranging from Greek yogurt with honey and homemade granola to eggs with tomato and feta (strapatsada). You can enjoy all their drool-worthy breakfast dishes daily from 9.00 to 13.00!

Address: 23 Mnisikleous Street Athens 105 55

3.  Ariston

Do you want to grab a quick bite before exploring the city? Then a traditional handmade pie is the best breakfast option for you! Greece has a long pie-making tradition, with mothers teaching their daughters the art of making pies for many years. Some have turned this art into a business, so you will find many traditional pie shops scattered around the city! One of the best is arguably Ariston at central Voulis Street in Syntagma. There, you will savor fresh-out-of-the-oven sweet and savory pies galore, including cheese pie, sausage pie, sweet cream pie (bougatsa), zucchini pie, and chicken pie.

Address: 10 Voulis Street Athens 105 62

4.  Art Lounge

If you want to enjoy a delicious brunch with sweeping city views, then Art Lounge is the place to go! This restaurant is perched on the New Hotel’s 7th floor, offering breathtaking vistas of the historic center and delicious brunch options every weekend from 12.00 to 17.00 from mid-October until mid-May. Blending traditional Greek flavors with locally sourced ingredients, the restaurant’s chef creates unique dishes that will excite your taste buds. But, Art Lounge is an excellent place not only for foodies but also for art enthusiasts, as it boasts an extensive collection of art books, which exceeds 2,000 titles!

Address: 16 Filellinon Street Athens 105 57

5.  Zurbaran

If you’re staying in a hotel in Kolonaki and searching for the best brunch spot in this undeniably chic upscale neighborhood, head to Zurbaran, an all-day bar restaurant on Patriarchou Ioakeim Street. From 10.00 to 13.00 on weekdays and 10.00 to 15.00 on weekends Zurbaran serves delicious brunch dishes, which you can enjoy with your favorite coffee or tea. Its menu, which spans savory and sweet, includes chicken tacos, eggs benedict, tahini millefeuille, and profiterole with whole grain chou. It’s the perfect place for a morning fuel-up!

Address: 38 Patriarchou Ioakeim Street Athens 106 75

6.  Me Kolonaki

Are you a healthy eating enthusiast? Do you always want to include superfoods and wholesome ingredients in your everyday meals? Then Me Kolonaki is the best place for breakfast in Athens for you! At this vegan-friendly restaurant, you will find numerous healthy breakfast and brunch options, including almond yogurt bowls, chia puddings, avocado toast, vegan pancakes, and legume salads. You can wash them down with smoothies and freshly squeezed juices, such as pink grapefruit juice and orange juice!

Address: 10 Kapsali Street Athens 106 74

7.  Cherchez la Femme

One of the most beautiful traditional cafes in central Athens, Cherchez la Femme is the best place to start your day or to make a brunch break from shopping on the commercial Ermou Street. From early in the morning, the restaurant serves a delicious breakfast, which includes dishes like an omelet with feta cheese and cherry tomatoes, scrambled eggs, and traditional cheese pie with honey and grated walnuts. Extra tip: If you want to upgrade your breakfast experience, we highly recommend ordering a Greek coffee with rose water!

Address: 64 Mitropoleos Street Athens 105 63

Whether you want to kick-start your day with a healthy yogurt bowl, a warm pie, or a hearty omelet, there are many spots for breakfast in Athens that will exceed your expectations with their yummy dishes and exceptional service. Of course, you don’t have to visit just a couple of places for all the breakfast meals during your stay in the Greek capital; try several of them and find your favorite ones!

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